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First off we wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to support us in 2020. It was our first official year in business and it was a blessing to be able to sell our amazing products to you, the customer. We wanted to fill you in on our current situation and how we are dealing with supply chain issues thanks to COVID-19.

At the end of 2020, we completely sold our entire inventory! Which is great news! But also in 2020, our main supplier for our wicks stopped producing the wicks we were using. This was a huge surprise to us and many other candle companies. Since then we have been working towards creating new candles with new wicks. The wicking process is tedious, but it doesn’t help that we hold our candles to very high standards in regards to burning and quality. Hence, why our candles have taken so long to become available again. We are very near to having candles back in stock! We have found a new wick and are very impressed by the hot throw and burn of it and we know you will love it as well. Look forward to seeing our entire catalog very soon! Follow us on Facebook at BreathingWorlds to see all the events we are planning to be at this year.

Again thank you for your patience

Chance, Breathing Worlds

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